My newest studio album "Pretty Mess" was a few years in the making. 

This album reflects on the indescribable highs, humbling lows and beautifully complicated messiness of love and self-acceptance.  Drawing from my own personal experience and the experiences of others close to me going through their own transformative journeys, this collection of songs was born.

For a majority of the time I was writing for this album I was on tour opening for Garth.  The experience was life-changing and the memories I made with my fans and with my touring family are forever etched in my heart and in my memory.  The final track, "My Friend", is the most personal on this album.  It was written and is dedicated to my band, The Mumblers, my road family and the countless friends and fans I made along the way.  Thank you! 

UPDATE:  Due to high demand, physical CD copies of "Pretty Mess" are currently sold out.  A restock has been ordered and copies will be available within 2 weeks. Please check back!   You can still download the digital album using the "download" button above for iTunes or the Amazon link top right for Amazon music.

© by Karyn Rochelle